How to type plural form of a word faster/easier, when texting?

Is there a trick to type the plural form of a word faster/easier? Right now, for example, if I need to type “apples”, I start typing “ap”, see “apple” in quick suggestions above the keyboard, tap the word, then tap space, then tap backspace (can’t tap backspace right away, because it will erase “e”), then tap “s”. Might as well type out “apples” without using quick suggestions, as it is the same number of taps. Surely there should be an easier/faster way to do that?

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Is it possible to make a different spot to plug in my wifi router? This placement is just ridiculous, but it’s the only “outlet” like it in the house.

Jak czyścić moją szklaną górną kuchenkę sodą oczyszczoną i octem?