Looking to DIY a LiFePo4 Battery “generator”. Do I need a 100ah or would 25/60ah suffice.

ust fell into this Solar DIY wormhole. Looking to create a solar “generator” be able to go camping for lets say 3-4 days tops. Would be powering with 2 100w foldable panels. Need to power my laptop for full time 9 hour work day. as well as phone, and lets say possibly a 12V Iceco fridge if necessary. More worried about being able to power a laptop or charge it for the three days without issue as well as the phone to tether wifi. I don’t really have an idea how much capacity I need.

Was originally looking at (4) x 280ah 3.2V LiFePo4 wired into 12v. But then looking at the inverter I would need and just how much power compared to what I’m using it for etc I started to realize its total overkill. So then looked more into 100ah but looking at what commercial “generators” make, 300-500wh seems fine? any advice would be helpful. or if any more specifics are needs I will fill in what I can.

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My roommate just bought this amazing dart board today, and we want to hang it on this exposed brick wall. We were unsure about the best way to go about doing this. It does have a decent amount of weight to it. I attached photos of the board and the brick wall. Any advice???

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